Cloud Gaming Social Network


Cloud Gaming Social Network refers to 3 terms i.e. Online Gaming, Social Network and Cloud Computing. It refers to building a platform wherein users can play any type of game online and pay as per usage. It will have a built-in social network wherein users can connect with fellow-players.

It innovates the Gaming Social Network which would host all games ranging from flash games to arcade games and reaching upto high end games based on Cloud & Virtualization Technology. Since Social Network, Online Gaming & Cloud Computing are hot trending technologies. Combining all these new technologies would lead to a whole new area of opportunities for employment and research in this new sector of gaming. It would enable people to play any game for free, just requiring an internet connection of minimum specified bandwidth required for the game.

This sector uses many computer technologies in order to enhance its output and Cloud Computing is the technology which can blur up the line between real and virtual world. The main objective is to enable people to play any game for free by just requiring an internet connection which would include support for multiplayer games.

Problems faced by Customers

Solving the following issues faced by customers in the Gaming Sector:

  • Purchasing games is a costly affair.
  • Requirements specified for every games.
  • Privacy is High.
  • Cost of Upgradation is high.
  • Need of buying games for different people in order to play in multiplayer mode.

Solutions of Customers Problem

  • Free from privacy.
  • Seamless meeting of people with similar preferences of games.
  • Easy to play multiplayer games with people across the world.
  • No need of upgrading the hardware to play any game.
  • No need of downloading any game.
  • Reduce use of torrents for downloading premium games for free.
  • Can emulate PC games to optimize it for playing high end games from a console such as Smartphones etc.

What other Benefits

  • Collaborating people to form a circle of friends across the globe having similar preferences of games.
  • Easy accessibility of all types of games in a simple customized UI for the gamers.
  • No specifications required for playing any type of games, just requiring an internet connection.


  • Gamers can access and play all the genres of games for free by just requiring Internet Connection without the need of even thinking about minimal specification required in running of a game.
  • Gamers can collaborate to form a community within a circle and groups in social network to get along with gamers having interest in same games.
  • The future scope is emulating PC games to optimize it for playing high end games from a console such as Smartphones, XBOX 360, Play Station 3 etc.
  • Piracy will be reduced upto 200 %.