Nexenta – NexentaStor: delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage solutions. Nexenta supplies the software. You leverage your hardware. Does not provide object storage.


Delivers built-proof data integrity and unlimited scalability for Big Data- and Cloud-optimized storage solutions. Nexenta’s OpenStorage platform allows for a broader range of virtualization and cloud-computing services at a much lower cost.

High-Availability Clustering.

Unlimited Snapshots & Clones: NexentaStor uses copy on write (COW), this means live data is never overwritten; instead, it writes data to a new block before changing the data pointers and committing the write.

Inherent Virtualization – NexentaStor supports all the mainstream virtualization vendors; Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen and VMware vSphere. Uses ZFS.

Recommended system Requirement for NexentaStor Community Edition:

64 bit processor (32 bit not recommended for production).

2 GB RAM minimum for evaluation (recommend 4 to 8 GB), Production use 8 GB minimum plus 1 GB per 1 TB raw disk space minimum (depending on use-case more may be highly desirable), or 2 GB per 1 TB raw for high-end performance deployments. If planning to use deduplication, please contact for sizing assistance.

2 identical relatively small disks for high-availability system folder.

Additional drives/storage for data volumes