Orientation Day 1 MS BAIM

Yeahhhyyyy the day has come which was being waited for since a long time. It’s orientation day for the MS BAIM Program at Purdue University. Landed in the US a week ago and still battling the Jetlag and getting adjusted to the surroundings of the new place, the orientation day has arrived which was a long awaited one. The orientation day contains a tight schedule packing in a lot of topics to cover throughout the day starting from 8 AM to 4 PM which includes free Breakfast and Lunch: D

The first of the 2-day Orientation program starts on a brighter note wherein People are coming in, getting themselves registered, taking a seat at one of the many round tables present and meeting all new faces here and there which adds excitement to the fact that everyone would be surrounded with unknown and new people all around and the day starts with everyone filled with full of energy.

The welcome speech was kicked in by Mr. Greg Beaver who is also the Director of MBA and MS Programs who talked about the demographics of the current batch, followed by a short speech by the Academic Directors, Dr Karthik Kannan and Dr Mohit Tawarmalani. After the brief speeches, there were numerous sessions such as Student Life, Krannert Organizations, Academic Integrity, Krannert Professional Development Center and Emergency Preparedness to name a few. It was then followed by Professional Photo of each person covering the headshot. Still waiting for the pic: D Then lunch was served which had tempting food containing various wraps (Veg & Non-Veg), Wafers, Pasta Salad, Soup and Salads. At the end there was a class photo of the complete batch which comprises of 82 students and a session from the International Student’s and Scholar’s Team providing details of various things an immigrant needs to know to maintain the F-1 Status in USA along with opportunities of OPT for our STEM Program.

Attaching some pics from the Orientation :)

Unviersity Building Pics

Rawls Hall Krannert School Skybridge Connecting Rawls and Krannert Building Purdue engraved in Stone Famous Purdue Arch

Orientation Pics

Myself in Business Professional Attires South Ballroom South Ballroom PMU Random Click

Food Pics

Day 1 Lunch Menu Bacon Turkey Wrapped Wraps Veg Wraps Veggie Wraps Refreshments throughout the day